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My god, did this hit hard for me especially as an older sister who loves her family very much. The fact that I could relate to Emil about his choices and the risks he took all for the sake of his sister, man that was intense despite the short length. The fact that the canon ending (at least so far from what I could gather) is the route where tragedy hurts more really just, mmmmmmmm but despite that I really enjoyed how much Emil and Emilia are impacted at the end of the choices and seeing what happens to them at the postcards. It truly hurts knowing how there isn't a conventional happy ending for the twins and how people like the tyrant genuinely exist even in the present times as well.


Loved the voice acting and the story :)


Short but impactful and poignant! I love the voice-acting and bgm - it really adds depth to the story.

Thanks for playing! Good to hear that you enjoyed the game!


A small but heart-wrenching (and nicely polished) visual novel with a relatively simple story but an impressive depth of world-building around it! Emil and Emilia's story contains so much more than I expected, and I loved being able to find more context in the ending cards and story. Thanks so much for making this <3

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the extra story blurbs in the Gallery!


Wow, very well made, so polished and amazingly powerful story! I felt for the characters, and I really struggle to know what ending I feel is best... after all, I can't judge their actions when I've never been in their shoes. Also reading the bonus content... it's hard to say the ones I personally like best are really the best for the world they live in. Brilliant little game!

Thank you for playing! None of the endings are ever going to be perfectly happy, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel--or so we assume. It's a pretty bleak world that they live in, after all...


Yeah, I like that though, that's why I say I struggle, I'm partial to happy endings, but they are not always the best thing for some stories, and while bad things do happen, sometimes the worst things actually lead to better outcomes... even if not for all. That's what I meant, I liked that the ends where not perfect, and that some felt worse then others, but even then, by the bonus descriptions, it sounds like they might lead to something better for the future of the world. Reason I struggled to pick my favorite end, because they all had something about them that I liked.

Oh, got it! Sorry for the confusion! actually it was just a really bad attempt at making small-talk so the reply's not too short oops ._. But glad that you liked all the endings and went through the bonus content!


Ahh, well I think I put things badly the first time. xD
Also understand that, it's hard to put together replies! :')

Thank you for sharing a fascinating little story with us!💗


Although extremely short, it's clear that effort and care went into this game; the menus and general aesthetic perfectly complement the story itself and the use of the 'bonus' features, which here are necessary to understand the context of the gameplay section, is particularly brilliant. It felt like a snapshot into a moment of a much larger story, the prologue to an epic that will play out beyond our field of view, and of course the tyrant created his own downfall-- Don't they always?

(It may make me heartless but, after reading all six possible afterwords, I favor the ones that result in the North Star. It seems more fitting and certainly makes for the better story.)

Although the events are clearly negative - I mean, nothing called the Purge is ever good - I ultimately chose to see it as a story of hope, karma rising from tragedy and all. Extremely short this might have been but I enjoyed my time with it nonetheless!

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Thank you for playing the game, and for liking the story! It's nice to hear that you went through the bonus content, too. Also, one of your preferred endings is, in fact, the intended 'true ending' of the story...which is the reason why this game is named as such!

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I went through ALL the endings and my heart is shattered to pieces!!!! I love everything that's going on in this game! Keep up the good work team! 

Glad we managed to break your heart, ohoho! But thanks for playing, and good work at getting all the endings!


I only got 2 endings so far (will go for the other 4 soon), but I just wanted to let you know how much I adore this entry! The music feels so fitting for the atmosphere and world. I also like how the end gallery expands upon what happens afterword, as well as includes a synopsis to give you context to the world and what's happening to the characters. The graphics are pleasing to look at, and I adore the voice acting for the twins. It's not often you get a good story about a brother and sister, I personally have a soft place in my heart for these (probably since I myself am a girl with a brother very close to my age). 

I nearly teared up at the first ending I got. Excellent work!


Thank you very much for playing the game! Glad you liked the story, and good to know you enjoyed reading through the content of the gallery!